A spacious and attractive site

An inclusive curriculum

Artsmark gold award for performing arts

Excellent teaching and specialist staff

A passion for sporting excellence

College Information

Kings International College is a small secondary school, for boys and girls of around 500 children, for students aged 11-16 years old in Camberley, Surrey.

Thank you for considering us as your place of learning. I am proud of our College and I would actively encourage you to visit us to discover for yourselves the growing sense of excitement about the opportunities we can offer local young people to learn and succeed.

Providing the right environment for work is crucial for creating a learning climate. From our welcoming reception area, where the successes of students are proudly displayed, to our networked interactive classrooms it is clear that Kings International College is a little different from most schools. OFSTED recognised that,' an atmosphere of shared learning pervades the College' (October 2013)

We recognise that young people in the future will not only need to be well qualified, but will need to be flexible in their learning and develop skills for lifelong learning long after they leave us. This is at the heart of what we are doing with our students, equipping them with these key learning skills whilst helping them achieve academic success and personal maturity.

We begin by expecting that every new student will make progress. Each student will also arrive with different strengths and will develop at a different rate. It is essential therefore that we value each child as an individual, planning their progress and setting appropriate personal targets. Building self-esteem, creating the atmosphere for learning and providing opportunities to celebrate success are central to our ethos.


Our vision statement

Our students and their learning are the focus of everything we do: we pursue excellence and celebrate success.


Our College Mission Statement

We believe in inspiring excellence by:

  • providing our students with the very best opportunities for success in all lessons and in their College lives, every day
  • doing the right thing by ourselves, our colleagues and students
  • keeping the pursuit of excellence at the heart of everything we do, demonstrating our commitment to
    continuous improvement


Our Main Priorities

1. Ensure every student gets the very best deal in every classroom and in their college lives outside the classroom every day.

2. Increase the proportion of Good and Outstanding lessons by ensuring:

  • objectives are sharply focused
  • activities are tailored to meet the needs of individuals
  • the challenge and pace of lessons is increased so that all student remain engaged and actively involved in their learning
  • we build on best assessment practice in school, so that the quality of feedback to students, including thorough marking, is strong in all subjects

3. Raise the profile of Literacy across the curriculum.

4. Create a stronger emphasis on the learning culture in school based removing barriers to learning by:

  • emphasising the impact on learning rather than sanctions for poor behaviour