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SEN Local Offer - frequently asked questions



School Response


How does the setting / school / college know if children/young people need extra help and what should I do if I think my child/young person may have special educational needs?

  • Before transition to Kings International staff visit the primary school to collect information on all pupils. Pupils already on the Special Educational Needs (SEN} register are highlighted and information from the primary school passed to staff. They are placed on the SEN register. All staff read the SEN register at the start of the year, and from 2014 will sign to say they have done so. The SEN register is available on all teacher’s desktops. Pupils with a statement of SEN and some other high need pupils will have individual pupil profiles.
  • The Accelerated learning manager will liaise with previous schools re late entry pupils and information will be added to the SEN register and staff informed.
  • All year 7s are screened on entry (reading, spelling and writing) and Middle Years Information System test {MIDYS} a measure of innate ability. Any pupils meeting criteria for SEN from these screenings will be added to the SEN register if they are not already on it. We use data and other forms of assessment to identify additional needs and celebrate success.

  • There are systematic monitoring systems in place that track the progress of pupils.  Our staff are vigilant about raising concerns.

  • If a member staff feels that a pupil may have SEN this is shared with SENCO/Accelerated Learning Manager. Information will then be collected from other staff.  If applicable, the pupil may be further assessed and if necessary specialist professional advice sought.
  • There is rigorous monitoring in place that tracks the progress our learners make in all areas of the curriculum.
  • Our staff are vigilant at supporting and raising any concerns identified through this monitoring or through classroom observations.
  • Data is used to identify additional needs and celebrate achievement.
  • Parents/carers are encouraged to speak to the class teacher/tutor about any concerns they have. They are also able to contact the SENCO/ Accelerated Learning Managerin school or by email to raise any concerns they may have about how their child’s additional needs are being met in school.
2.  How will early years setting / school / college staff support my child/young person?
  • All pupils are monitored by teaching staff, Heads of House, Hoys, Accelerated Learning Manager /SENCO and the Senior Leadership Team {SLT}. Strategies are first and foremost implemented in the classroom.
  • All staff are trained to support pupils with SEN using differentiation and strategies to match SEN needs.
  • Many interventions are put in place, such as Teaching Assistant {TA} support in lessons, small group and individual interventions, which are monitored and adjusted as needed. All our additional support programmes are overseen by theAccelerated Learning Manager /SENCO and all our teachers are teachers of inclusion and special educational needs.
  • We have specialist staff that can be used to support pupils with SEN and can bring in outside professional support if needed. The pastoral system is very effective and supportive.
  • Our governors/trustees play an active role in monitoring the quality of the special educational needs provision.  Our link SEN governor meets termly with the SENCO/Accelerated Learning Manager. The Head of School, Senior Leadership Team also play an important role in this area.
  • All interventions are measured to monitor impact against progress for your child.
  • Kings International provide quality first teaching in the classroom which includes differentiation, high quality teaching, active learning and effective feedback, ensuring that the majority of children’s needs are met within the classroom environment. TA’s also provide further additional support.
 3. How will the curriculum be matched to my child’s/young person’s needs?
  • Our teachers to differentiate in the classroom to meet the needs of all learners.
  • Some pupils will have individualised programmes to meet their needs. Kings has a broad and balanced curriculum with a wide variety of subjects on offer. Pupils can choose from a wide variety of options for GCSE. Other accredited courses and alternative provision are also offered through shared provision with Tomlinscote School.
  • Differentiation is embedded in our curriculum and practice.  We ensure that we tailor our teaching to the needs of the young people. We regularly assess the quality of our teaching to ensure that all students are receiving a high standard of teaching and learning.
  • Kings International College has a tailored curriculum to ensure that there are the right courses available for the individual child.  Within KS3, all students participate in a wide and varied curriculum to ensure that they are able to use their skills of literacy and numeracy in a wide variety of subjects. Quality first teaching ensures that students are able to access the curriculum.

  • Through monitoring and tracking, students are identified who would benefit from support.

 4. How will both you and I know how my child/young person is doing and how will you help me to support my child’s/young person’s learning?
  • Parents will receive 2 progress monitoring reports a year. These reports will contain information on attainment data. There is also information on challenge targets.
  • Statemented/ Pupils with an EHCP {the new plan that will replace a statement} will have regular contact, with the SENCO/ Accelerated Learning Manager and also an annual review.
  • Other pupils on SEN register may have meetings with the SENCO, unit manager or a member pastoral team on progress.
  • Staff monitor all pupils’ progress against their targets and this will be supported by Head of Faculty, Head of department and SLT. Any pupil underachieving will be identified and appropriate interventions put in place. Kings International supports the development of parenting skills and as such deliver workshops on site and work in collaboration with other agencies.
  • Parents are encouraged to keep in touch with school through the home school planner.
  • The first point of contact should you have concerns about your child’s progress is their form tutor or subject teacher.
  •  Kings International have a family school link worker who works with families when additional support is required.
 5. What support will there be for my child’s/young person’s overall well-being?
  • All staff are trained to deliver high quality pastoral care.
  • Each child is in one of three houses (Windsor/Lancaster/Mercia) which are led by a Head of House responsible for the child’s well being.
  • All staff receives relevant first aid training. With three members of staff fully trained as first aiders.
  • Kings has high expectations of behaviour and has a behaviour policy; which includes guidance on expectations, rewards and sanctions is fully understood and in place by all staff.
  • Attendance is rigorously monitored and support put in place if needed.
  • Pupil voice is part of our school ethos and this is encouraged in a variety of ways on a regular basis this includes the student council.
  • The school has access to a listening service, a family support worker and has support from youth workers. We also have professional support from external agencies.
  • Kings has a student welfare support officer who is available to work with students needing emotional support.
  • Peer mentoring, restorative justice techniques re used to support students.
  • At Kings, we value the students’ well-being. We have a strong pastoral system.
  • All staff are regularly trained to provide a high standard of pastoral support.
  • Staff are trained to support medical needs. A medical policy in place which ensures that students with medical needs are fully supported.
  • The Behaviour Policy includes guidance on expectations, rewards and sanctions.  A Behaviour for Learning Policy in all lessons is outlined in the student planner.
  • Attendance is regularly monitored and necessary actions are taken to prevent prolonged unauthorised absence.
  • Student voice is central to our ethos. The School council meets once regularly with representatives from every year group. They are democratically voted onto the council by their year group.
  • The Accelerated Learning Department runs a variety of support groups and 1-1 sessions that are tailored to the students’ needs –behaviour management, social skills and self-esteem.  Groups are also included.  We constantly review our programme of support to ensure that it meets the needs of the students.
 6. What specialist services and expertise are available at or accessed by the setting / school / college?
  • Kings International have a number of established relationships with professionals in health and social care.

  • All external partners are vetted in terms of safe guarding.
  • Our SEN staff are trained and experienced.  The department has a specialist SPLD teacher and TESOL teacher.
  • Outside agencies work with Kings such the Educational Psychologist, Specialist Teachers, the Physical and Sensory Support Service and the Education Welfare Service.  The Child and Adolescent Mental Health service, Speech and Language Therapy Services and the Occupational therapy service, Autistic Spectrum Disorder outreach team and support sessions are also run for families of Autistic youngsters.
 7. What training are the staff supporting children and young people with SEND had or are having?
  • There is a regular programme of training for all staff.

  • Our Teaching Assistants are all trained/experienced in the support of students with SEN. 2 TA’s have Master degrees, 3 TA’s are qualified teachers, 3 hold Higher Level Teaching Assistant Status. Each TA is linked to a department.
  • At the start of every year all new staff are trained on the use of the SEN register and how to find information about pupils’ needs.
  • Throughout the year there are opportunities for staff to be trained in a range of specific SEN needs.
  • The SEN staff access regular training on national SEN issues, changes and are kept abreast of current issues and initiatives.
  • The Special Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) is a qualified teacher and Assistant Principal.
  • The Accelerated Learning Manager has many years of experience within SEN and has a Diploma qualifying her to assess and teach students with Specific Learning Difficulties.
 8. How will my child/young person be included in activities outside the classroom including school trips?
  • All staff running trips are trained and complete risk assessments in advance.
  • Our SEN Policy promotes involvement of all our learners in all aspects of the curriculum including activities outside the classroom.  All students have the opportunity to participate in educational visits.
  • Where there are concerns of safety and access, further thought and consideration is put in place to ensure needs are met; where applicable parents/carers are consulted and involved in planning.
 9. How accessible is the setting / school / college environment?
  • An Accessibility Plan is in place and the environment is mostly accessible.  Part of the site is accessible by a lift.  Some of the upstairs rooms do not have wheel chair access, however a down stairs timetable can be set up if needed.
 10 How will the setting /school / college prepare and support my child/young person to join the setting /school / college, transfer to a new setting / school / college or the next stage of education and life?
  • There is an excellent transition programme for year 7s joining Kings, with extra pre-induction support sessions for pupils with SEN run by an outside agency.
  • The Induction programme is provided to welcome new learners to our setting.
  • The school will liaise with the pupil’s previous placement to gather information and strategies which are used to create the SEN register and inform staff of needs and successful support strategies.
  • A representative from Pathways (previously careers advice) attends all statement reviews to work with families and provide guidance for moving to college. Pathways meet individually with students to discuss college options and provide assistance to complete applications.  Pathways write follow on plans using information from the SENCO/ Accelerated Learning Manager.
 11. How are the setting’s / school’s / college’s resources allocated and matched to children’s/young people’s special educational needs?
  • Budgets are closely monitored and aligned to the school improvement plan of the school.
 12. How is the decision made about what type and how much support my child/young person will receive?
  • Quality teaching is clearly defined in our setting and we expect all staff to deliver this.

  • Should additional support be required, this is undertaken after consultation with the relevant staff, the learner and their families.
  • All additional interventions are monitored for impact and outcomes are defined at the start of any intervention.
  • The SENCO oversees all additional support and regularly shares updates with the SEN Governor.

How are parents involved in the setting/school/college?

How can I be involved?

  • Kings International believe in partnering parents in a two-way dialogue to support a child/young person’s learning, needs and aspirations.
  • Parents are encouraged to contact staff by phone or email to discuss their child’s learning needs and aspirations.
  • Parents are invited to contribute though a number of means. There are parent focus groups and regular clinics with the head teacher in order to listen to any parental concerns.
  • The Governing Body includes Parent Governors.
  • There is an active Parent Teachers Association.
14.  Who can I contact for further information?
  • In the first instance, parents/carers are encouraged to talk to their child’s form tutor or class teacher.  Further information and support can be obtained from the school’s SENCO, Mrs J Tuck This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or our Accelerated Learning Manager Mrs A singleton This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
In addition:
  • The following organisations offer information and support for students with specific SEN:
  • Please visit the Surrey County Council website to view the Surrey Local Offer