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Frequently Asked Questions

College Opening Times

The College Cafe is open daily from 7.30am
The LRC is open from 8am.
Main reception is open from 8.15am.
Student Reception is open from 8.30am.

The College day starts at 8.40am (9am on Thursdays) and ends at 3.35pm

Detentions for Lateness

The College day starts at 8.40am (9am on Thursdays). If a student arrives after this time a detention will be given. The student will spend the same amount of time that they were late for College in detention and the detention will take place after College on the following Thursday. A detention slip will be given to the student to take home for their parents.

Can my child bring a Mobile Phone to College?

Students are permitted to use Mobile Phones during brunch and lunch. Mobile phones are not permitted to be used during or in-between lessons. Their phone must be switched off and in their bag before going into lessons. If a phone is seen out during lessons or in-between lessons, the phone will be confiscated and sent to Student Reception. The phone can then be collected at the end of the College day.
If a phone is seen out for a second time, the phone will be confiscated and will not be given back for a week. I appreciate this may inconvenience you and your son or daughter, so I feel sure that we will have your full support.

The College cannot accept any liability for damage or loss to valuables brought into the College. Any valuables should be placed in the lock-box during PE lessons.

I need to collect my child for an appointment during the school day, what is the procedure?

Write a note in your child's planner regarding the appointment, under the applicable date. Your child will then be able to show this to the teacher and be excused from their lesson. Students are then to report to Student Reception in good time to sign out. Parents are to report to Main Reception, their child will then be called through from Student Reception. It is the responsibility of the student to remember to sign out ready for their parent's arrival.

Who do I contact if my child is unable to attend College due to illness?

Please call the absence line 01276 705502, no later than 9.30am and leave a clear message detailing your child's name, tutor group and reason for absence. A phone call should be made each day that your child is absent.

What should my child do if they are feeling unwell whilst at College?

Students who feel unwell should in the first instance report to Student Reception, where they will be assessed and placed in the medical room. If they are too unwell to stay in College a phone call will be made from a member of staff to parents in order to collect their child.

Student Medication in College

Where possible, the need for medication to be administered in College should be avoided and parents/guardians are therefore asked to try and arrange the timings of medication accordingly. However, if medication must be taken during the College day please complete and return a Medication Request form in person from Student Reception, medication will be held in a locked cabinet until required. If your child has an inhaler for Asthma or an EpiPen for extreme allergies it is College policy for your Son /Daughter to have one in their bag and one to be held at Student Reception. Please bear in mind that College carries very basic medical supplies, if your child suffers from hayfever, or similar we ask that they are provided with a small supply of medication for emergency use, to be handed in to Student Reception.

How do I receive messages from Kings?

We try very hard to keep parents regularly informed about what is going on at the College, however sending paper letters home can be rather 'hit and miss', with letters going astray along the way. To help improve this we use a service called Parentmail.

Parentmail will be beneficial to you because:
* Messages will get to you reliably.
* We can send messages directly to several parents and carers at the same time.
* You will quickly know about important or urgent messages.
* We can tell you more about what's going on at the College
Your email address(es) will be taken from the data collection form you complete when your child starts Kings. Your email details will automatically be added on the Parentmail system.  

See www.parentmail.co.uk for further information. Please remember to advise the College if any of your email addresses change.

How do I pay for my child's meals, trips etc?

At Kings we use a service called Parentpay which enables you to pay for food, College trips, and other such items. Parentpay is quick and easy to use. This service gives you the freedom to make payments whenever and wherever you like, it gives you peace of mind that your payment has been made safely and securely and most importantly stops you having to send cash into College.
For more information please contact Ms Phillips at j.phillipsThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or telephone 01276 683539 ext. 240 or alternatively please view the Parentpay website on www.parentpay.com.

College Cashless System for Lunches

Parents can either put cash on the Parentpay system (see above) or alternatively students can load cash onto the cash loader. All students will have their fingerprint scanned when they start at Kings and then they will be able to pay for their meals using their fingerprint. To enable students to use their fingerprint we must have parents' consent. Please click here for the consent form. Alternatively if you do not give your consent your child will be issued with a payment card. Please note that any replacement cards will cost £5.00.

Sporting & Curricular Activities

During the College year there will be occasions when your child may have the opportunity to participate in an offsite curricular activity, within a 5 mile radius of College, or represent the College in off-site sporting activities. Travel associated with these activities will involve travel by foot, coach, College mini bus or adequately insured staff car.

Arrangements for Snow Days

If it snows the Headteacher will decide if the College needs to be closed. If a decision is made to close the College parents will be informed in the following ways:
A message will be put on the College website
A message will be put on the College phone system.
An email will be sent out via Parentmail – please make sure that the College has your most up-to-date email address(es)
A message will be displayed on the Surrey County Council website
Details will also be on Eagle Radio 96.4FM

Exams on snow days? Any external examinations/modules will still be going ahead as scheduled. It is therefore imperative your child attends College


If you would like to purchase a locker they are available at a cost of £35, this is a one off non-refundable payment and secures the locker for the full duration of the student’s time at College. Please contact the Finance Office on extension 206 for more details.

College Mini Bus Service – Bagshot, Lightwater and Windlesham

The College currently runs a daily mini bus for students living in these areas. The current contribution for the service is £14 per week per child. The contribution is payable half termly in advance and there are no refunds for any days missed due to illness or any other absence from College. Availability is on a first come first served basis. Please contact the Finance Office on extension 206 for more details.

Parent Association

At Kings we have a Parent Association to support all areas of the College. If you would like to join or have any suggestions please email Mr Cooke This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Parental Contribution

You may be aware that we ask all parents for a £10 per term per family contribution to a fund designed to purchase additional items that will enhance the students experience at College. We have bought musical instruments and outdoor activity equipment in previous years. The money can be paid once a year or each term for academic year.

Engaging the support of Surrey Children’s Services

At Kings International College we ensure equality of opportunity. We believe all children have the right to achieve the best possible development outcomes, regardless of their gender, ability, race, ethnicity, circumstances or age. In order for College staff to assist children in reaching these best possible outcomes we are fortunate enough to work in partnership with outside professionals within Surrey Children’s Service. These professionals support and safeguard children and make regular visits to the College. Termly meetings take place with these professionals where we discuss how better to support children in our care.

Many children, as they develop, can benefit from additional professional support and it is possible that at some stage in your child’s education a situation might arise when we believe we can offer your child additional support. To this end we ask that you complete the enclosed consent form for any future referral. Please be assured however, that no contact would be made without prior discussion taking place between us. There are some situations when the law says we can share information about children and their family without their permission and this would only happen if there was a legal requirement or duty for us to do so.

Calculators and Maths Sets for Mathematics lesson

It is vital that every student brings a Scientific Calculator to every maths and science lesson. It is helpful if parents purchase a calculator from Kings, as this makes it much easier for your child during maths and science lessons if all students are using the same type of calculator. Calculators cost £5 and are available from the maths department. Maths sets can also be purchased from the maths department at a cost of £1.20.

Lost Property

Please mark all your child's equipment and uniform with their name. This will make it much easier for your child to identify their property.
Lost property is kept at Student Reception, in the PE department and in the Performing Arts department. The College cannot accept any liability for damage or loss to valuables brought into the College.