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Parents' Association

Kings International are delighted to now have a Parents' Association. Tasked with raising funds for those items that are "wished for," rather than "essential," we are hoping to have a number of events each year. The pupils and staff then present their requests for funding to the Parents Association team. We would like to support all areas of the school from the Science Department to PE and everywhere in between and that's where you can help!

We recognise that everyone has very busy lives and that the transition to secondary school can make that even more so, therefore try to meet only when necessary and instead organise as much as possible via online communication. We need parents to lend us their skills, experience and expertise in putting on a programme of events that will appeal both for family events and adult or student only activities. If you have previous fundraising experience, you may well have useful contacts for prizes or resources, perhaps you have tried out an event which you feel could work well at Kings, please share your ideas with us.

We will announce via Parentmail when meetings and events are happening and if you have any ideas we would love to hear from you. We are a very informal team and would love to include your knowledge, experience or just plain enthusiasm into any future plans.

We recently held our second Family Quiz Night, which was a great success raising nearly £800. This however is a drop in the ocean when items such as mini buses are being mentioned! In an ideal world school funding would be a bottomless pit where every resource could quickly be ordered, back in the real world we need your support to enhance students lives here at Kings.

We look forward to hearing from you.

£119 was raised from Phil the Bag - thank you to all who donated!

£400 was raised from the PTA Quiz Night - what a great night!

"A big THANK YOU for supporting the Kings Parents' Association during 2015/2016. Through our various fund raisers this year,we have been able to support the English Dept by buying Book Buzz books for Year 7 students, buy a stage light for the Drama Studio, make a donation towards the Bench Project in the Quad for the DT Dept, purchase tents for the Duke of Edinburgh Awards and masks & snorkels for the Kings Swim Club. Thank you for getting involved with our fund raisers and making that possible".